Well, no questions have been asked yet, but I have a few ideas what some may be, so I went ahead and explained.

01. Where did your blog name come from?

“Ordinary Nocturne” (also called “Everyday Nocturne” or “Common Nocturne”) is the English translation of the poem “Nocturne Vulgaire” by Arthur Rimbaud, a 19th century French poet. I first stumbled upon his work while reading James O’Barr’s graphic novel, The Crow. Something about that poem stuck with me and I looked up his other works. It has remained with me all these years, especially the title, and when I needed a title I chose it for this blog because I’m a night owl by nature and most of my posts and such will be made at night. I’m probably making a poem critic howl somewhere because this isn’t what his work meant, but it works for me.

02. What all will you be reviewing?

Whatever I feel like, honestly. I know that sounds brusque, but I don’t mean it to be. I can’t predict what I’ll cover in these early days. Sorry.

03. How often will you post?

Again, I don’t know. I’ll try to make myself post something at least once a week, but I have a hard time keeping to any kind of steady schedule.

04. What do you do for a living?

I’m currently unemployed. I’ve mostly worked your average retail-type jobs in the past.

05. Where’s all your social media links?

While I do have social media accounts, they’re personal and I’d like to keep them separate. I’m not a big user of social media in general. I think I update my Facebook once a month or less, so it’s not like you’re missing out on anything. I might create some kind of accounts to tie into with this if it ever gets popular enough to demand it, but that’ll be a long way off if it ever happens.


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