I have several nicknames both online and off, but on here you can call me Sen. I’m a 29 year old from the US that has a variety of interests in things both mundane and fantastical. (Not very descriptive, I know, but the truth is I like a lot of different things and to describe them all would take ages.) I created this blog to share those interests, review them, ramble on about them, and generally just use this as an outlet for my thoughts.

This blog is also a bit of a challenge to myself. I have a tendency to not follow through on projects, as I often get bored or distracted and end up leaving things by the wayside. Plenty of times I’ve simply not bothered to start things because I was afraid of not finishing. And that’s another thing, I have anxiety, which contributes to my hesitance and fear of not trying. So this blog is a way for me to work through my anxiety and show myself that I can do things if I let myself try.

Beyond that, I don’t really know what to say here. Maybe I’ll figure it out later on, but for right now I just want to say that you’re welcome to ask me anything. (In fact, I might just create a sticky post of some kind for just that very thing.) I’ll do my best to get back to you in a reasonable amount of time.

Other than that, I’ll just wish you a good day and hope that you enjoy your visit to my little blog. =)


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