First WWE Slam Crate Unboxing & Review

I received my Slam Crate the other day and took pictures of my unboxing to share with everyone. I’m not the best at photography, so I apologize for the not so great quality.

Let’s get started.

The box was a little roughed up, but quite sturdy and everything inside was just fine.

The first item I take out is this New Day figurine that was already advertised as being in the box. It looks better in person than it did in the promotional photos. I didn’t take it out of the box to photograph because I’m not sure if I’m going to keep it just yet. I don’t really have a place to put it up right now (I have a lot of knickknack stuff so my shelves are full) so if I do keep it, it’ll stay in the box in the meantime to keep it nice.

Next item is this pair of Sasha Banks Legit Boss shutter shades, which I am stoked about getting because I’ve been thinking about getting a pair anyhow. The ear pieces have ‘SASHA BANKS’ on one side and ‘LEGIT BOSS’ on the other, just printed and not embossed or anything. They’re a reflective blue color, which I quite like. The ear pieces are also a bit stiff, which I personally like but I know others don’t.

Next I take out these four little items, which are the Austin Aries Topps card that was promoted (mine wasn’t one of the signed ones), a Dean Ambrose belt buckle, a World Heavyweight Championship pin, and a NXT sew-on patch. I’m keeping the card in plastic and will either give it away to a fan or sell it. I’m not a card collector nor a big Austin Aries fan, so I figure it’s better it goes to someone who is one or both.

The patch is a decent size and seems of good quality. Not sure what I’ll put it on. The belt buckle has a good weight to it, it is solid metal (steel, I think) and the engraving looks well-done. I’ll have to get a new belt to wear it with, though, as it’s set up for belts with single middle holes and my belt has double edge holes. (Does that make sense? I hope so.)

A close-up of the pin. It has two backing clasps for extra security. It’s also got a good weight to it with good details. I’m not sure where I’ll put this, either.

…A plant kit? Huh? Let’s look closer.

IT’S MITCH! =D I started laughing over this and my family was very confused. Trying to explain why this was funny made them even more confused, so I gave up. I have to say this charmed me, it was a fun little thing to include. Kudos to whoever thought of this. Lil’ Mitch will find a nice, cozy place on the hall shelf by the window.

It’s probably a good thing Dean’s not on social media much, he’d be inundated with Mitch photos.

Please ignore my terrible folding skills. When they announced that this Slam Crate would include an Enzo & Cass t-shirt, I knew I had to splurge on it. It’s not my favorite design, but I do enjoy it. My grandmother approved it, saying she liked the colors, so that’s a good point in its favor. It’s of the same quality as most WWE shirts, though I will say it does seem a tiny bit softer/less stiff than other shirts I’ve gotten.

A booklet came as well, so let’s open it.

As I guessed, it’s detailing the items in the box. Hmm, it appears that it unfolds in half again…

Cool, a short interview with Xavier Woods. This box seems to be loosely New Day themed, given what the box looks like. I’ll show you that in a second, though, because this booklet unfolds in half yet again…

AW YES, it’s a Shinsuke Nakamura poster! This is so going on my wall or closet door, I haven’t decided which yet. I am very pleased with this.

See, New Day themed. Like I said earlier, the box is sturdy and I’ll probably keep reusing it for a good while. Right now it’s storing everything until I find a place for things.

This box was really worth the $30+S&H. I don’t have the money to afford it each time, though, which sucks, but I’ll save up to get another box in the future at some point. If they continue like they did with this box, then I have to recommend it to WWE fans. The shirt alone would have been $25, so this was really good deal.

And seriously, they gave everyone little Mitch plants, how cool is that?