Here There Be Dragons

Okay, so it’s been over a week. I’m still unsure as to what to really write about on here. I have a lot of vague ideas, but nothing concrete. It’ll probably be like this for the foreseeable future.

So instead of much substance, here’s another recommendation, this time a game: School of Dragons. It’s an MMO (with single player as an option) based on the How to Train Your Dragon movie and TV series. You become a dragon trainer yourself, hatching eggs and raising dragons. You can race against other players, go on quests, tend to your own farm, fight off invaders, play minigames, hang out with friends and chat, join a clan and compete against other clans, and so on. It’s an active game, with the dev team adding new lands, characters, and dragons semi-regularly. It’s a great game and you can easily earn the in-game pay currency (gems) via quests, daily log-ins, and so on without actually having to, well, pay for it. You don’t need a membership, but if you get one you get perks such as free monthly gems, being able to fly/race/etc. Toothless, getting Hiccup’s flight suit, instant access to the expansions, and more. It’s not a bad deal, but it isn’t needed to enjoy the game.

It’s a great game, but it’s definitely still a game in-progress. There’s bugs and glitches, though the major ones are usually resolved somewhat quickly. If you have issues, you can contact the forum admins that’ll pass on the issue to the dev team, or contact JumpStart directly.

Speaking of the forums, they’re active and usually low-key. This is a game designed for younger folks, so keep in mind there’s plenty of kids on the forum which may make it come across as immature or silly. It is at times, I admit, but there’s plenty of older players to chat with as well.

Overall it’s a fun, enjoyable game that can be played in your browser, on your desktop, or on your phone or tablet. If you like the HTTYD series, or even if you don’t, give it a look. You might just enjoy it as much as I do. =)