Let’s Do This

I’ve spent the past few days wondering just what on earth I should put as my very first post. I have several ideas for what I want to put on the blog, but which deserves to go first?

I decided on what I’m watching right now: Bob the Pet Ferret.

Now I know what you’re thinking and no, this isn’t a silly animal video. It’s actually a YouTube channel of the only Let’s Player I subscribe to right now. He’s hilarious and rather mellow. Best yet, he doesn’t scream or carry on like a lot of LPers do. He’s not as prolific as some LPers either, but for him I think it’s quality over quantity.

He’s particularly fond of the Tomb Raider series (classic and reboot) and the Uncharted series, and those are probably his best LPs, but that’s my opinion. His TR ones are particularly amusing with him “speaking” to Lara as he plays to which she “responds” and is revealed to be a parody of an over-the-top snooty rich person. It’s funnier than I sounds, I swear. His regular voice is quite nice, a lovely British baritone that’s relaxing to hear.

So if you’re looking for some enjoyable LPs, check him out. His current LP is of the Tomb Raider reboot that updates weekly.